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  • Checklist for retail store opening


    Day 0, the day before your store opens is the climax to all the hard work that you have done in the past few months. Has anyone been tension free the month before Day 0. The answer is a big NOOOOOO. After deciding the business model, store location, store interiors. The last month is focused on having the perfect opening. There are lots of tasks to be done in the last one month.

  • Checklist while selecting a POS Software


    POS is fast becoming an important tool for the success of an business. It gives the exact picture of the business, helps you avoid fraud, improve efficiency and eases management of the store. If the POS goes down even for 10 minutes the business would reach a standstill. You need to be meticulous when choosing the POS. You can’t really change it everyday. Once bought you are stuck with the POS for sometime, due to fear of change. Below is our checklist that you can use while selecting a POS.

  • Guerrilla marketing for your retail store


    What is Guerrilla marketing? Derived from the term Guerrilla warfare, it is use of unconventional methods for marketing campaigns. In today’s competitive market, traditional marketing like newspaper, radio, hoardings etc.. have become expensive. Cost of customer acquisition with traditional marketing has skyrocketed. A full page ad in a leading newspaper would cost at least Rs. 50,000 and cost per customer acquisition would easily be Rs. 500. This does not make sense for lot of low margin businesses.

    Through guerrilla marketing you can reach people at a lower cost. All that is needed is some innovation and a bit more effort. Below are a few campaigns that we have run and seen people run successfully.

  • Build an ecommerce website for your local store


    In this blog I am going to talk about setting up an ecommerce website for a local brick and mortar store. According to me online is a channel that every store should, and can open up to improve sales. It is always good to have more sales right! I have used three parameters to analyze my top options for having an ecommerce website - cost, time to build and convenience.

  • 6 Tips For Effective SMS Marketing


    SMS marketing has become a powerful tool in the age of mobile phones. It should be done meticulously, as everyone now receives on an average 5 promotional SMS’s on a daily basis. Make sure your SMS campaign is effective by following these tips.